The Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins

In 2016 I did A LOT of logo projects – this ranged from rebrands, new businesses, or even businesses without actual logos. My friend Erin Wilkins’ logo project was probably one of my favorites just because she’s a total girl boss, has a successful law firm, and was ready to create a name for herself by giving me full creative reign over her design.

Erin is one of the many women in my life that I truly admire…and it’s not just because she’s a badass, but it’s also because she took a leap of faith and went out on her own and has truly made a name for herself. After spending a good amount of time with her, when she approached me looking to finally create a logo for her business, I knew the exact style she was looking for.

Oftentimes, when I am thinking of all the brand elements that go into my designs, I have to think about the person behind the business, and this logo project needed to exude all the strong characteristics of my friend: class, sass, elegance, and grace. As you can see below from the final outcome, I strongly believe we were able to achieve all of these components.