Revival Designs

Revival Designs

Nicole Nichols is another badass girl boss that approached me back in March of 2016 after I did some design work for her husband Evan with Queen City Crossfit. I was really excited for this project because it was a blank slate and a whole new brand creation – we had the opportunity to start from scratch and create everything we wanted, how we wanted. Nicole wanted the whole shebang – logo, business cards, website, yard signs, etc. – she was now a house flipper, she needed to get her name out, and fast…why? Because this girl doesn’t slow down, she sees an opportunity and she jumps on it.

We started off with the logo portion, because with any great design project, you have to set the stage with the main component of the entire brand. After multiple revisions, we finally came to an agreement on what she wanted, and what I believed would make the greatest impact on her audience – something simple, contemporary, and stylish – just like the design of her houses (see below for what we came up with!).

Next on the list immediately was business cards! From the start, with a little push on my end, we agreed on square business cards, because who doesn’t love holding a unique square card in their hand?! These cards carried brand elements from the logo but still exuded the clean, modern look that Nicole yearned for in her brand – & I must say…they turned out fabulous.

The second to last item on the agenda … and probably the biggest part of this project was the website! Although graphic design in general is my strong suit and my background, I love designing websites because they allow me to be as creative as I want! Nicole and I decided to build the website on the Squarespace platform because of the clean look it promoted. When we sat down to discuss the components she wanted on the website, pictures were a huge selling point for her…after all, pictures are what sell her houses or at least spark interest if her buyers haven’t actually seen her properties. With that being said, we decided to design the site with lots of pictures; the main page would be simple with a memorable call to action and an Instagram feed of her latest work. The other pages on her site would promote photos of past and recent projects and she would have a basic contact page. Simple was key! Within a month the site was up and ready and we were excited to show it off to everyone!

Last but not least, and in perfect timing were the … yard signs! This part of the project was honestly my favorite just because it was the most tangible. Nicole obviously wanted to incorporate her main brand elements into the signs but also wanted to get creative with patterns. After it was all said and done and I saw the printed product in person, I was so incredibly proud! Check out the entire project below!